12 // 52

Lillia 12 of 52 (2016)
Zane 12 of 52 (2016)

“A portrait of my children every week in 2016.”

Lillia: This week you desperately wanted to take a “mental health day” (staying home from school even though you are not sick). I thought about giving in—mental health is important!—but, in the end I was worried that you would miss too much school work (and a play rehearsal) and you wouldn’t be able to catch up easily. You have a full week of vacation coming up in April, so hopefully you will get some needed respite. ‘Til then, we’ll take it day by day.

Zane: This week you are very excited that Spring has arrived—in this picture you are wearing your amusing “King of Spring” costume. I made the flower crown, but you insisted that it needed to have glasses attached. Not pictured: your “cane” that you made out of an old stick decorated with more daffodils and some construction paper leaves. I really enjoy your ability to add your own quirky twist to everything we do.

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My name is Kelli Ann Wilson (née Copeland), and I live in Walpole, NH. I am mama to Lillia (12) and Zane (5), and wife to Damian. My interests include: homemaking; photography; genealogy; gardening; and making things.

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