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I haven’t blogged in ages, and I apologize. A couple of weeks ago I started my last undergraduate course, and I have been spending all of my free time reading for my independent study — Women in Culture & Society in Medieval Scandinavia.

I just wanted to share this amusing little anecdote. As I mentioned, I am working on turning our closet into an office for myself. But, of course, anything that mommy has, Lillia has to have, too. So, I made her a cloffice!


Her closet was easy to transform because it has just one shelf, and we already had the desk. Now she has somewhere to do her schoolwork and play WolfQuest in privacy (a.k.a. without her little brother).


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My name is Kelli Ann Wilson (née Copeland), and I live in Walpole, NH. I am mama to Lillia (12) and Zane (5), and wife to Damian. My interests include: homemaking; photography; genealogy; gardening; and making things.

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