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A thinker sees his own actions as experiments and questions — as attempts to find out something. Success and failure are for him answers above all. — Friedrich Nietzsche

2013 211

Hooray! I made it! My grade was posted this morning. I am done. It wasn’t the straightest path, and it certainly wasn’t the easiest. But, I now hold the honor of calling myself a “college graduate.”

Still, the past thirteen years of hard work earned me more than a college degree. I also got…

…two beautiful children who bring me more joy than anything else I have ever known,

…a wonderful soul mate of a husband who never utters anything but a kind word to me and our children and is in every sense of the word a life partner — the journey has been much easier with him around,

…a small but happy home of my own and much work to do as its caretaker,

…many jobs, some more fulfilling than others, and endless learning in the “real world,”

…the chance to grow as a mother, a wife, and a woman, in ways I never knew were possible.

Earning my degree is an accomplishment that I am proud of, but I am just as proud of everything I’ve accomplished outside of the classroom during these long years. I am looking forward to learning what the future holds for me now that this task is complete.

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My name is Kelli Ann Wilson (née Copeland), and I live in Walpole, NH. I am mama to Lillia (12) and Zane (5), and wife to Damian. My interests include: homemaking; photography; genealogy; gardening; and making things.

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