garden 2015 // the middle

I almost titled this post “garden 2015 // the end” but then I realized that it is not, in fact, anywhere near the end. I still have dozens of green tomatoes hanging in heavy clumps, waiting to ripen; two pepper plants that have just experienced an unseasonal growth spurt and might, actually, produce peppers; and one long, fascinating pumpkin vine with one tiny, pale little pumpkin hatch-ling popping out where there was only a flower just last week. So, no, it is not the end. But, I have been a terrible recorder of things this summer. I haven’t really felt the desire to be in this space, in this little virtual home of mine. And, so, there have been no garden posts, and I apologize — not to you — but to myself, because I won’t have those posts to enjoy later on.

garden 2015 // the middle 3

Tonight I had to go outside and I had to dig. I uprooted all of the beets and all of the carrots, and then I pulled up all of the weeds that remained with the garden rake. And, it felt wonderful. Changes have happened around here — big changes. I am working outside of the home for the first time in five years! I am really enjoying this new adventure, but I admit to suffering a little bit from the inertia of the transition. Being with my garden, and experiencing the deep soul satisfaction that comes from holding in my hands a rainbow of delicious, healthy goodness, well, suddenly all of the changes seemed to fit. I seemed to fit. I am still me, just a slightly different me. Just as the carrots grow, so I do, too.

garden 2015 // the middle 2
garden 2015 // the middle 1

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  1. August 20, 2015 / 2:31 am

    Sweet haul! I have a pumpkin growing in my big flower garden because the seed made it through the composting process and was laid down in the mulch. It’s a surprise pumpkin! I’m curious to see how big it gets. It’s about 16 inches around now.

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